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RaketDito offers passive and active ways to earn using cellphones or computers only. No registration fee. This website will always be FREE



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Raket Para sa Pilipino

Ang ay ginawa upang makatulong sa mga Pilipino na naghahanap ng extra income gamit ang cellphone o computer lamang. No Registration FEE. This website will always be FREE


How does RaketDito and YOU (the members) earn?

RaketDito will get 10% share for every cryptocurrency you mine. The members will get 90%

RaketDito have paying clients that want to conduct surveys. The members who will participate in the survey will earn cash rewards as commission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you earned a minimum of P350 you can immediately withdraw through Palawan Express, BPI, or BDO

You need to have three (3) tickets to play the Money Machine. You earn tickets by simply answering surveys. Check your survey offers and you will see the corresponding cash and ticket rewards

Yes. You will earn P20 cash for each referral for the first 10 referrals and 0.0000270 XMR unlimited referral bonus. It is good to share this site to more people to help more Filipinos earn extra income but we do not want this to become a "networking scam" where people earn by referrals only

Yes it is possible but phones have low computing power. It is better to use computers with high computing powers